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We have the best fake grass options in the Portsmouth area. We know you might not have the knowledge on the best product for your new garden turf. But that should not hinder you from making an inquiry. Get in touch with Portsmouth Gardeners today.

So, what does artificial grass cost? It is a common question by residents and commercial owners in the Portsmouth area. Artificial grass prices vary on a number of factors: the type of soil on your property, the dimensions, topography and so much more. Worry not. We have offered our affordable services to hundreds of clients over the years. We take great pride in our value for money services.

Why should you hire Portsmouth Gardeners for installation of your astroturf garden?
When considering installation of an artificial turf to your property, some homeowners may think about a DIY project. It is one of the more popular options on almost every social media platform. However, we would recommend against that. Artificial grass is quite the investment on your property. The process of installation is not quite as easy as advertised. You need some technical knowledge during the construction of a good and solid foundation. You also need the appropriate tools for the job. There are also a number of fake grass varieties in the landscaping market from Southern artificial grass to Bermuda 65 to Fescue 42. When it comes to laying artificial grass, it is recommended to let a professional handle it for you. You might choose Southern artificial grass for your lawn only for the soil not to take. 

Portsmouth Gardeners is a leading landscaping Company. We are 100% locally owned and have been serving residents and local businesses for a number of years. Call us today and book an appointment. We are always ready and willing to offer professional advice when it comes to fake grass and installation of artificial turf. 

We have a number of garden Astroturf products and services available for you. With the help of our experienced and qualified landscaping contractors, we can upgrade the look of your lot. Keep your lawn lush and green all year through with an Astroturf garden from Portsmouth Gardeners. 

Our artificial grass cost is conscious of your budgets, making it affordable to many. Call today and receive a quote on any of our services.

Artificial Grass Installation Portsmouth 
As the premier Astroturf company, we acknowledge that our clients are interested in quality manufactured products. They want to invest in products that can last and can satisfy their unique requirements. 

At Portsmouth Gardeners, we only offer the best in artificial turf products. We are in constant conversation with our suppliers on how to improve designs. When you look at our lawns, you cannot tell the difference between our fake grass and the natural one. It looks and feels as natural as it gets. And to add one more thing; we can guarantee that it will last for years.

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Newly laid artificial grass that has been installed either side of the main concrete path in a customers garden in Portsmouth

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The best artificial grass price in Portsmouth  

Cheap artificial grass? Does it sound like an oxymoron to you? We can assure that it is not. There is a certain opinion that homeowners and businesses have when it comes to laying artificial grass on their property. We can assure you that is not the case here. Cheap artificial grass is available at the number one landscaping and gardening company in the area.

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