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Garden Decking

A deck is the best way to enjoy the beautiful Portsmouth weather within the comfort of your own home. Building a deck also has a strange effect on your living space. All of a sudden, your house (especially when situated next to the living room) looks bigger. You can now host the boys for the periodic barbeque as you wait for the weekend’s games, or host the ladies for some afternoon drinks and nibbles.

If you are unsure of how to proceed with regards to a new wood deck or pallet deck, that shouldn’t be an obstacle to your dreams. Get in touch with the leading decking experts at Portsmouth Gardener. 

We can help you create the dream wood deck that you have always envisioned.

Composite Decking
Before its invention, hardwood decking was preferred by most property owners in Portsmouth and across the globe. The use of hardwood guaranteed the durability of your deck and the surface was slip resistant. This was important, especially during the rainy spells that we experience in the area. 

However, there has been a call for sustainability in Europe that has capped the availability of hardwood products, and this is where composite decking came in and filled the gap. Made of 95% recycled material, the material has the natural feel and look of timber. Composite decking also comes in a number of different styles and feels. 

For those looking to stand out with their new garden decking, you can choose the grey composite decking which has been an extremely popular choice over the last few years. This type of decking has similar features with the more common natural decking. It is also easy to clean and maintain. With a broom, a mop and some soapy water, you are able to keep your decking spic and span. 

Let the decking professionals at Portsmouth Gardeners build a new grey composite decking for you. With our competitive market rates, our services are more than affordable. Give us a call today and request for a quote.

Decking timber Maintenance services 
Maintenance of a deck is always overlooked by many owners. Regular maintenance of your decking should be something that you should always consider. There are a number of factors that will determine the frequency of maintenance: the material, amount of sun/ shade and wear and tear.

Power washing 
Power washing of your hardwood decking comes highly recommended, especially if it’s your first time. Due to the lack of maintenance, there is bound to be a lot of build up of dirt and grime on the surface. Food particles, spillage from drinks and other liquid products will also have stained your deck. Power washing also removes plants and small insects that might have decided to call your timber deck their home. 

Staining a deck 
Staining a deck goes hand in hand with power washing and cleaning of your deck. Deck staining involves the use of a sealer to preserve the deck. The sealer also restores the colour of the deck to its natural brown. Owners often choose a different colour of sealer to tint the wood a different colour.

For a complete and smooth look, it is also recommended that you stain other parts of your deck such as the deck railing, the joists, supports and staircase, if any.

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Wooden garden decking with railings

Composite and Wooden Deck Installation

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Build your new pallet deck garden decking with the premier decking timber professionals in Portsmouth. Every inch of the deck, from the joists to the supports to the deck railing will be made to perfection. We pride ourselves on delivering products according to our client’s requirements.

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