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Whether you own a residential or commercial space, you must have considered installing a fence. Security, preferences and the definition of your boundary might be the reasons for fencing but a fence offers much more than that. There are other factors that you must take into consideration before finalizing on a fence type and style. 

There are quite a number of fencing panels in the current market. When the time comes, contact the premier fencing service provider in Portsmouth, Portsmouth Gardener.

Portsmouth Gardener is a leading gardening and fencing company located in the Portsmouth area. We supply, deliver and install several garden products from pool fence panels to wooden gates and picket fences. We have been trading for a number of years, delivering high quality products to homeowners and commercial premises in Portsmouth and in the surrounding areas. 

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At Portsmouth Gardener, we have a variety of garden fences and panels. Garden fence panels come in their own style and have something different to offer. All of our garden products are high quality:

Bamboo fencing
The use of bamboo fencing panels is guaranteed to bring about a refreshing yet aesthetic feel to your property. For this type of fencing option, we use bamboo panels/ screens which will be tied together with the help of horizontal skewers. The final result is a strong screen with a decorative appearance. It can be used to cover an already existing wall and provide a natural feel to your garden or property.

Trellis panels
If you are looking for a fence that can impress and capture the eye, then trellis panels should be your ideal option. The panels can have a modern or futuristic look to them that will complete your contemporary style. The panels in our showroom come in different elegant styles. In most contract jobs, trellis fence panels are used as garden screens, adding some class to your garden.

Wooden Garden gates and fencing
The use of timber in home construction can be traced back all the way to the times of Abraham and Moses. Currently, timber is used across a number of applications, from wooden garden gates and boundaries to colonial and paling fences. Timber/ wooden fences come in a number of designs and styles. It is one of the more affordable options in our stores and offers a natural look that will compliment your garden.

Metal garden fencing
When it comes to metal garden gates and fencing, aluminum is the way to go. Aluminum is malleable and comes available in a number of designs and styles. Apart from that, it is a popular choice due to its strength and durability. Metal garden gates can also be considered as an option for pool fencing.
The different fence types at Portsmouth Gardener will offer different solutions to your garden and property. Before making the final decision, why don’t you consult the professionals at the premier garden and fencing company? Our advice could sway your final choice in a certain direction.

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Garden fence panels should complement your style or the existing exterior décor. For the old-fashioned property owner, you should be considering a picket fence or a feather edge. Contemporary fence designs include trellis fence panels and slatted fence panels.

All these and so much more are available at Portsmouth Gardener. If you are torn between bamboo fencing and trellis panels, our experienced and reliable contractors can assist you come to a decision. 

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