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Whether you own a residential or commercial space, at some point, you have considered installing a fence. If you live in an extreme climate, you may have already had to replace a fence at least once. Although the reasons for erecting a fence may be similar – security, boundary creation and/or aesthetics — many factors must be considered when choosing your fence type and style. 

Portsmouth Gardeners is a leading gardening and fencing company located in the Portsmouth and Hampton areas. We supply, deliver, and install several garden products from pool fence panels to wooden gates to picket fences. Our reputation for sound workmanship and excellent customer service is well known and is demonstrated by our many repeat customers. To discover why they continue using Portsmouth Gardeners, call us today at 02394311381 or complete our contact form for your free consultation!

New fence panels and posts installed in a garden in Portsmouth

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Different Types Of Garden Fencing

At Portsmouth Gardeners, we have a wide variety of garden fences and panels. Diverse types of fencing provide different benefits. Some of the high-quality fencing types we keep in stock include:

Bamboo Fencing

There is no fencing material more plentiful and hearty than bamboo. Bamboo brings a refreshing appeal to your property without breaking the bank. Typically, bamboo panels, or screens, are tied together with the help of horizontal skewers. The result is a product that is both strong and decorative. If properly maintained, bamboo can last longer than fences made from forest timber. Those trying to create a similar style inside and outside their home often choose bamboo floors inside their home, and bamboo fencing outside their home.

Trellis Panels

If you want to add function and style to your outdoor space, trellis panels may be the answer for you. They are particularly appealing to those who favour a contemporary style. Styles range from wood grid to fan to ladder to lattice. In many cases, trellis panels are installed in or around a garden, and are sometimes used to stabilise plants like tomatoes, as well as various forms of climbing, flowering plants. Visit our showroom to view our wide selection of trellis panels!

Wooden Garden Gates and Fencing

Timber has been used in home construction for thousands of years. However, no one ever could have envisioned the many ways in which we use wooden fencing and garden gates today. Wooden fences come in a wide variety of styles, with many homeowners choosing to install stone pillars at various points to add stability. Wooden gates and fences are affordable options for any homeowner. However, there are certainly higher end styles for those who want to make a statement.

Metal Garden Fencing

When considering metal garden gates and fencing, aluminum is the choice of many. Aluminum is malleable and available for order in several designs and styles. Apart from that, it is a popular choice due to its strength and durability. If you have a pool, adding an aluminum pool fence inside the exterior fence is also a wise choice. Before making the final decision, consult the professionals at Portsmouth Gardeners. We are confident in our ability to meet your style and budget needs.

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Garden fence panels should complement your style or the existing exterior décor. Traditional homeowners may choose wood picket fences or fences with a feather edge. On the other hand, those who prefer a more contemporary style may choose trellis fence panels or slatted fence panels.

These options and more are available through Portsmouth Gardeners. If you are torn between wooden fencing and metal fencing, or bamboo panels and trellis panels, our experienced and reliable contractors can assist you. Simply call us today at 02394311381 or complete our contact form for a complimentary bid.

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