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Portsmouth Gardener is a locally owned company that specialises in the erection and maintenance of garden sheds and outdoor buildings. Over the years, we have been contracted to design and develop garden sheds, insulated garden rooms, garden offices and small garden offices. Once we agree on the terms and other specifications, we can provide a shed that is comfortable and fits your specific needs.

Our garden sheds are tailor made to meet your limited backyard space and garden storage specifications. Thanks to the experience of our contractors, we can erect a garden outbuilding that is inch-perfect; maximising the limited space of your backyard. You might want to use your garden shed as a guest cabin, an office or a workshop space. Our technicians are able to customise the design to meet such requirements. 

Are you in need of an insulated garden office or some modern garden rooms? No need to search ‘garden rooms near me’. Get in touch with Portsmouth Gardener. We have garden sheds, offices and outbuildings of varying styles and finishes.

Our garden sheds and outdoor office
You can also choose our insulated garden office pod or insulated garden rooms. They come installed with foam insulation and are designed to be used by our clients all year round. You will also be able to use your insulated garden rooms in the cooler months of the year. 

With an outdoor office, you can move your business and work-related documents to a safer and more comfortable environment. Your documents will no longer be in danger of being stained by food, drink or other products. Though you are still at home, you will now be able to separate family activities and work.

Garden outbuildings are like any other space or room on your property. They must have doors and windows to enjoy the cool breeze and natural sounds from your garden. Our custom, unique garden sheds allow for the incorporation of a variety of doors and windows. We can install for you quality roller doors, uPVC windows or an aluminum set of doors and windows.

Make an appointment today so we can discuss your needs and get your garden shed or outbuilding installed in time for the summer months. You can speak to any of our experienced and knowledgeable contractors. You can also arrange for a visit to your home where the dimensions of your new modern garden rooms can be taken.

Why should you choose Portsmouth Gardener for all your garden office pod and shed needs? 

  • Quick delivery and installation. All our material is prefabricated and manufactured here in Portsmouth. Once contracted, we can deliver and set-up your small garden office within one day. 
  • Customised products. Due to specific requirements or the shape of your lot, a client might need bespoke garden rooms. Our experience in the industry makes us the best experts in the area for such services. 
  • Experienced and qualified servicemen. We only employ the best contractors here at Portsmouth Gardener. You can be assured of sound workmanship that meets the highest standards. 
  • Little or no excavation required. Imagine having excavators or heavy machinery tramping through your garden. That’s not the case with us. We can adapt your floor designs to meet the requirements of your site. 

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A garden building that has been installed to use as an outdoor office space

Bespoke Garden Rooms Near Me

Instead of searching for ‘garden rooms near me’, you can simply call upon the premier gardening company in the area, Portsmouth Gardener. At an affordable price, you can get bespoke garden rooms that fit your work lifestyle.

If you are interested in getting a garden office or garden storage room for your backyard, request a quote. Our garden office prices vary considering the size and finish requested.

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