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Tired of trucking mud all over your pearly white ceramic tiles? While installation of a garden was the right move for your home, have you taken into consideration the amount of mud and dirt that you will inevitably pass into other areas of your property? To be on the safe side with the other half, we think it’s about time you considered laying paving slabs on your front or back garden. Not only will garden slabs create a path to your garden, but they will also enhance the beauty of it. Garden slabs come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose one that will meet all these requirements and more. This can only be guaranteed if you hire a licensed and professional contractor who can provide guaranteed, quality work.

Call upon the experienced gardening and paving contractors across Portsmouth at Portsmouth Gardeners. Our servicemen are qualified, insured and can guarantee customer-oriented service. They have been engaged in several jobs over the years and our clients can confirm our sound workmanship. Homeowners and residents throughout the area turn to us for all their garden paving needs.

Garden Paving Slabs Portsmouth 
When it comes to laying patio slabs to the garden, one thing that you want is longevity. You want slabs or pavers that can withstand the effect of wear and tear. You want durable and tough material that can suffer through the extreme weather elements in the area. You will also want pavers that can hold out against heavy weights as you transport things from the house to the patio garden.

You can rely on the professionals from Portsmouth Gardeners to offer such a job. When laying patio slabs, we first lay down a good, thick and solid foundation. Using resin, we ensure that every paver is bound to the next and a smooth finish is guaranteed.

There is no job that is too small or too large for us. We will apply ourselves in a similar fashion and ensure every inch installed meets the required standards and regulations. When it comes to all things concerning your patio garden and its paving, there is only one company that you should call upon, Portsmouth Gardeners.

The right type of paving
When it comes to laying paving slabs, there are different types of paving in the market. They all differ in terms of longevity, style and maintenance.

Stone paving
Stone paving is one of the popular choices for homeowners in the Portsmouth area. Stone paving comes in a number of different styles, allowing residents to choose one that matches their style and preferences. They are best for landscaped gardens, patios and surrounds. We have a number of stone paving options available at Portsmouth gardens. They include cobblestone, bluestone, travertine and many more depending on your preference, theme and budget.

Brick paving
This type of paving is considered best for those who want a classic look to their pavement. It is best for footpaths and high traffic areas due to its ability to withstand pressure. Brick paving is also quite durable though it has limited patterns and colours.

Concrete paving
Concrete is one of the oldest construction materials known to man. Concrete products are known for their durability, ability to withstand the elements and rigidity. Concrete paving has the same attributes. Concrete paving can support even heavier loads than brick paving.

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