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If you are fortunate enough to have the space required to construct a pond, Portsmouth Gardeners believes you should strongly consider doing so. In addition to their natural beauty, ponds provide a friendly environment for aquatic plants and flowers and attract wildlife. 

Ponds are more than a combination of water, rocks, and lily pads or fish, frogs, and dragonflies. They are a landscape water feature conducive to relaxation. Once the pond is dug, you want to add rocks. Then you want to add plants. Then you want to add fish. Then you want to add a bench from which you can enjoy the view. Before you know it, your entire garden experience is centered around your pond!

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Ecosystem Ponds

From koi ponds to water gardens, Portsmouth Gardeners knows how to create ponds that are appropriately designed and constructed, as well as ecologically sound. These self-contained ecosystems can stay clear without the use of chemicals.

Ecosystem ponds are freshwater ponds that create a self-sustaining, living environment. Nourished by rain and sunshine, living organisms like plants, insects and fish come together to create a natural filtration system. These ponds boast water clarity that is envied by any concrete and chlorine pool owner, but with a great deal more beauty. To. that, we add a mechanical filter to “pre-filter” your pond and ensure the water stays clean enough to be aesthetically pleasing.

Filtering and Recirculation

Simply put, the beneficial bacteria in ponds are “filtered” by natural items such as rocks and gravel. Fish waste and other organic material can be broken down into ammonium nitrate, which is plant fertiliser. The rocks and gravel both protect your pond from harmful UV light and provide addition surface for beneficial bacteria growth. 

As important as the filtration system is the recirculation system. At Portsmouth Gardeners, we know how to select the appropriate pipe size for your pond. This ensures water is kept moving, which in turn maintains healthy oxygen levels for plants and fish. 

At Portsmouth Gardeners, we know that by installing certain aquatic plants in the pond’s gravel substrate, these plants will starve algae of the nutrients required to thrive. Any thin layer of algae on the top or bottom of the pond that does survive is grazed upon by the fish. In other words, once your ecosystem if fully established, you do not need to feed the fish or fertilise the plants. It is self-sustaining! 

Proven to Promote Relaxation

According to the nation’s top scientific and psychological publications, studies clearly demonstrate that water features promote relaxation, reduce stress, and lower the risk for depression. In other words, gazing at a water feature improves a person’s mental health and wellbeing. 

A pond and corresponding pond system is one landscape element that should be reserved for professionals. You need to know more than how to construct the pond. You need to know enough about ecology to arrange rock and substrate, install appropriate aquatic plants, and maintain oxygen levels for fish. 

Also, the length of time you plan to spend in your home may dictate whether you install a pond, or the amount of money you spend for that pond. Filtration and recirculation systems do require a bit of maintenance. But if you invest in a pond built by Portsmouth Gardeners, it is sure to add to your home’s attractiveness and resale value.

In short, if you want to observe the circle of life from your own garden, there is no better way to do it than with a customised ecosystem pond from Portsmouth Gardeners. Whether you want to create curb appeal in your front garden, or a peaceful retreat in your garden, our professionals can help you do it. 

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