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Portsmouth Gardeners strives to be the best constructor of retaining walls in the Portsmouth and Hampshire areas. We are well respected for our depth and breadth of experience in designing and constructing retaining walls of high-quality materials. Although many people construct retaining walls for their practical purpose (that is, holding back earth that might otherwise erode), others construct these walls for solely aesthetic purposes.

Specialising in a broad range of retaining wall design techniques, we are residential and commercial retaining wall and erosion control specialists. From securing the proper permits, to addressing design and fabrication, we ensure a comprehensive and professional approach from start to finish.

The retaining wall-related services that Portsmouth Gardeners supplies include removal of old retaining walls, engineering design of walls for optimal functionality, and aesthetic design for landscape beautification. The types of walls we construct include stone, block, cinder block, timber, segmental, flagstone, and brick. So, call Portsmouth Gardeners at 02394311381 or complete our contact form today for your free consultation!

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Basics of Retaining Wall Design

Higher walls can be used to prevent erosion or divide sections of a sloped garden. They can also be used to create usable space in terraced gardens. Lower retaining walls are often used to create flowerbeds, or to add character and dimension to an otherwise ordinary landscape.

At Portsmouth Gardeners, we understand the basics of quality retaining wall design. It all starts with a solid base. The taller the wall, the further below the ground the base must be constructed. Second, a retaining wall must have properly compacted backfill. To provide proper drainage, at least 12 inches of granular backfill should be installed directly behind the wall. The third critical element in retaining wall construction is drainage. In addition to backfill, having a perforated pipe installed at the bottom of the wall or installing weep holes could be necessary. Fourth, the height of the wall determines how much load it can bear, and how much reinforcement is necessary. 

Importance of Waterproof Membranes

In addition to the above considerations, it is critical to use a waterproof membrane. Moisture can remain behind a wall long after a rainstorm. To that end, it is just as important to install a waterproof membrane behind a retaining wall as it is a basement wall. The conditions are identical. Without a waterproof membrane, water will seep into masonry work, and severely damage decorative veneers such as stucco, stone, and tile.

Creative Retaining Wall Ideas

If you wish to contribute some added flair to your retaining wall design, consider some of these ideas with which Portsmouth Gardeners is experienced:

  • Adding wall caps and landscape lighting for a finished look
  • Installing steps so certain areas can be accessed from above and below
  • Featuring bench seating in the wall’s design
  • Integrating an outdoor fireplace into a retaining wall
  • Incorporating a fountain or other water feature in your design

Almost any landscape design project can be made more beautiful by incorporating retaining walls. Each wall is unique. That is why we work closely with our team of architects to create the perfect design for your vision. From start to finish, we will help you every step of the way. Call us today at 02394311381 or complete the contact form, and we will contact you soon!

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