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Portsmouth has quite the undulating landscape. As a result, there are some houses that are located on sloping grounds. While your friends and acquaintances are of the thought that it gives your property character, they don’t know of the landscaping challenges that you have been having over the years. Slopes are quite problematic when it comes to gardening due to issues of running water, soil erosion and other related problems.

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Importance and Benefits of a retaining wall  
For any property owner considering gardening and other landscaping projects, installing a retaining wall is the first order of business. It comes with a number of advantages which have been outlined below:

Increase in property value
Installation of a retaining wall is quite the significant investment on your property. Depending on the steepness of your property, landscaping contractors might have to use heavy machinery to excavate and backfill the soil as well as install garden retaining wall blocks.

Flood control
In the occurrence of strong rains, water will move faster on sloping ground. This poses a threat to your property and also to your family and loved ones. With a retaining wall, you can break the speed of the moving water and protect your home and property. 

A retaining wall garden
On top of your retaining wall, you can choose to plant a retaining wall garden. All that you need is a solid layer of top solid and a professional landscaper. Place a call to the experienced contractors at Portsmouth Gardens today. There are a number of materials that you can choose as your retaining wall blocks. For a more decorative touch, you can choose boulders, bricks, gabion baskets or stones. Your retaining wall blocks can form an attractive pattern, bringing some decorative aspects to your walls. 

Landscaping and terraces
One of the biggest benefits of retaining walls is the creation of terraces. Due to fast moving water and soil erosion, it is difficult to do any landscaping on such a property. With terraces, you can now fully utilise your space. If the property is quite steep, we recommend segmenting into a number of sections using multiple retaining walls. Not only will you have more space, but the visual effect on your property will be quite stunning.

Garden walls 
While they are taken to be the same as their cousins, a garden wall design is quite different and serves a different purpose. A garden wall is a low landscape feature about 24 inches or so in height and serves as a division. It is meant to exclude an outdoor space and emphasise a certain aspect of the garden.

The garden wall blocks are meant to be decorative and to complement the design of the house as a whole. For your garden wall blocks you can choose to use concrete, natural stone or even small boulders. The goal is to create an elegant design above all else.

Garden wall bricks are a common and popular material used. They are easily available and complement the types of housing in the area.

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Newly installed curved retaining wall with stairs in garden

Garden Walls and Retaining Walls

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