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Wondering how to make your property stand out in the Portsmouth area? Need something classy and elegant? Well have you ever considered installing a pond or fountain to your property? This feature is quite conspicuous and adds some character to your home.

Are you on the lookout for a pond builder? Choose the number one pond contractor in the area. Portsmouth Gardener has supplied and installed ponds and garden waterfalls for hundreds of homeowners and also to commercial properties. Our pond contractors are the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable experts in the industry. They have a record of providing stellar work that meets the requirements of every client.

Contact us today via a phone call, email or our online form. We want to beautify your backyard with a raised pond or a small aquatic planter. Make an inquiry and you will receive a detailed quote of our services.

A pond or fountain in your outdoor space
At Portsmouth Gardener, we have a variety of fountains available for your choosing. You can choose a small garden pond or garden waterfall to complement the garden already installed on your lot. You can also choose to install a backyard pond to add a little bit of finesse. Depending on the size of your lot and other considerations, we can install a solar pond fountain, a raised pond or a wildlife pond.

Don’t fret if you have no idea of which type of pond you want. We have dealt with similar clients in the past. Allow us to present our wide catalogue of contemporary and modern designs. You can get the latest solar pond fountain, with its innovative, eco-friendly systems that support the environment and contribute to the wellbeing of your garden.

For property owners with limited space, we recommend the preformed pond instead of a small garden pool.

The preformed pond can also be designed to be a patio pond or a small wildlife pond. A preformed pond is made from HPDE, High Density Polyethylene. It is pre-made and cast into various shapes: square, rectangular, oval or even L-shaped. You can contract us to design a preformed pond into a shape of your own specifications.

Garden Pool Service and Maintenance
To keep your raised pond or aquatic planter looking glam all year long, regular maintenance is a must. Apart from delivering and installing water ponds and fountains, Portsmouth Gardener also offers full maintenance services for aquatic planters, gardens, patio ponds and fountains. Whether in a residential area or commercial space, our contractors are ready and willing to come out and clean it out.

Some of the maintenance services that can be expected from our reputable team are pump cleaning, touch up service, replacement of hardware and cleaning among others.

We have a number of options that are available depending on your style, the size of the fountain and of course the price. One of the popular elements that has gained traction over the years is installation of LEDs or custom lighting. This allows for you to enjoy your water features at night.

LEDs give you (and also the neighbors) the chance to appreciate the beauty of your newly installed pond. Our experienced technicians will perform a test run on one of the nights to ensure that the lights are fitted to perfection.

You can also choose a pond planter. We can build a beautiful floating arrangement for you. Every pond planter from Portsmouth Gardener does not need any watering thanks to our innovative design.

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A fish pond in a garden

Garden Ponds and Water Features

We also have large commercial-sized fountains that are suited for a large outdoor space. You will be able to put up a dazzling water show to lure in passers-by to your development. These are encouraged for golf courses, country clubs or hotels, so send us an email with  your request and turn your vision into reality.

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